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Activity For Hashtag "#3"

Kathy Brook-Wong
Kathy Brook-Wong (4)
Day 26 has just ended and OMG what a beautiful journey the 29-Day Giving Challenge has been!!! I want to share a highlight since the last time I posted 2 weeks ago. Here is a recount of Day 11 shared in my Facebook post for that day: "It's been a long and fulfilling day. Today I shampooed the whole downstairs carpets of my home (gift #1), hiked over 4 miles with two friends (gift received and gift to self), went to a funeral (gift #2) where I helped an Orthodox rabbi (my rabbi from Hillel at CSULB over 25 years ago ) completely cover the top and sides the casket with soil using a shovel (gift #3), and now I am going to the college to teach til 8:30pm (gift #4). Good thing I grabbed a different shirt and shoes to change into for the funeral and now for work as i haven't been home since shampooing the carpets!!"
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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson (238)
Beautiful and inspirational gifts, Kathy. The giving challenge is addictive - you can't stop at just one. :-)
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