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Sharon Diehl ( Full Profile | )
Ambassador to original 29 Gifts
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Read more about me at I am a leather artist in recovery from alcohol and drugs with 24 years clean.


Sharon Diehl
Sharon Diehl (116)
Since moving to Orlando, I have a whole new world to GIVE to!
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Sharon Diehl
Sharon Diehl (116)
Excited to start the challenge again!
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Maya Paveza
Maya Paveza (4,930)
Yay! So what do you think we need to set as the Discussion topics for the Community? Love to get some ideas so Mary and I may help build the community space back up for the communities enjoyment and use?
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Sharon Diehl
Sharon Diehl (116)
We should post the basic formula for the 29 day challenge.
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Kerri Mariano
Kerri Mariano (12)
Body Painting artist that empowers women to love their body
Kara Gannon
Kara Gannon (114)
Student, business major, writer
Mandee Currie
Mandee Currie (0)
Therapist Who Questions Everything
Natascha  Hasthorpe
Natascha Hasthorpe (100)
Starting the year as I mean to go on!
Mary Graziano Richard
Mary Graziano Richard (114)
Prep cook
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Cami Walker
Cami Walker (354)
29Gifts founder/author/activist/dreamer