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United Kingdom | Norwich
Hi I'm Rae... mother,daughter, sister, cousin, friend


Rae Walter
Rae Walter (4)
Restarting as I only got to 9 days last time
Day 2 today I had a gift all lined up: buying some pay it forward coffees for a busker friend whilst I was in town. but the coffee stall wa nowhere to be seen. Later as I sat on a bench waiting for the call that my car's MOT was done an elderly chap sat net to me. Ordinarily I'd have nodded and moved off, but today I spent about an hour chatting with him. It was good to give him the gift of time a he seemed lonely and chatted away to me for ages
When I got home I found cheap scratch card I'd bought as months ago - I won' a fiver on it!
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Rae Walter
Rae Walter (4)
I have finally got my own copy of 29 Gifts having had copy from my library last year and having bought a copy for friend so I am about to begin my journey again. Really looking forward to it as i have missed having the book to read and reread!
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Melanie Peters
Melanie Peters (144)
Good for you! I am excited to be finishing up my 2nd day of my 2nd round of 29 Gifts. :) Give well and live well
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Rae Walter
Rae Walter (4)
The other week in the library I was drawn to the book as I thought it was about crafting present ideas!

On reading the back it sounded interesting so I checked it out... and read it cover cover over 2 nights. My mind is filling up with thoughts and ideas. I've just bought a copy online tonight; not to keep but to give to a new friend I recently made who I was chatting on a break today who is as excited about it as I am... guess I'll need to order another one for myself once I return my copy to the library!

I've chosen the journal I shall write about my experiences in too... a beautiful notebook a good friend and neighbour gave me for my 50th last year that I have been saving as it was 'too good' to 'spoil'!
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Ann  Campy
Ann Campy (14)
Rae, I too was drawn to the book when I saw it in the library -- over two years ago. Since then I have given several as gifts in the hopes that it will change others lives for the better just as it did mine. I have done many rounds and am still amazed at how it touches me! The 29 Day Giving Challenge is a wonderful journey - enjoy yours. You are off to a great start.
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Rae Walter
Rae Walter (4)
Hi - I just joined the community. Please connect or follow me!
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Ann  Campy
Ann Campy (14)
Welcome! I am looking forward to "getting to know you" through your posts here.
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