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Kay Vanatta
Kay Vanatta (112)
what I am having fun with is waking each day looking for the opportunity to give - I keep going back to .... is there something I can give to this situation/person right now? I catch myself often in the dreaming of gifting stage..... later... when I get there.... Being open to giving what I have right now (and that it is enough) is part of my learning curve right now as I begin...
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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson (238)
YES, Kay! What I found most life-changing is the realization that no matter how small the gift, the impact it can have on others is endless. A single, kind gesture created a moment in time and established a bond between you and another. The ripple effect from that planned or chance encounter could go on forever, like the 'pay it forward' concept. I have often been told by my gift recipients who learn about the 29-Day Challenge (many of my recipients are secret gifts) that the gift inspired them to join the giving movement. And so on and so on and... I like to call the encounters Points of Light that continue to spread and shine.
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Kay Vanatta
Kay Vanatta (112)
Hi - I just joined the community. Please connect or follow me!
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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson (238)
Thanks for accepting the challenge, Kay. We look forward to following your journey!
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Cami Walker (354)
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