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I am trying something new. My name is Lisa


Lisa  Vanderlaan
Lisa Vanderlaan (0)
Hi - I just joined the community. Please connect or follow me!
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Tisha Colston
Tisha Colston (2)
I have ms
wang renming
wang renming (0)
change the life
Hayato Takumi
Hayato Takumi (12)
Valerie Sheppard
Valerie Sheppard (0)
Natural health
Carolyn Touchton
Carolyn Touchton (0)
Flight Attendant
Toni McAvoy
Toni McAvoy (0)
Retired teacher
Emma Halliday
Emma Halliday (0)
I'm a sucker for a challenge - so when I heard about 29 Gifts I had to jump in.
lisa raynor
lisa raynor (0)
Childbirth doula
Ray Conyers
Ray Conyers (0)
Assistant 29gifts
Sabrina Scholkowski
Sabrina Scholkowski (0)
CEO & Founder
Tricia Park
Tricia Park (0)
Cami Walker
Cami Walker (354)
29Gifts founder/author/activist/dreamer
Gaby Gracia
Gaby Gracia (0)
One day caressing
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Cami Walker
Cami Walker (354)
29Gifts founder/author/activist/dreamer