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I have said for a long time that my health insurance, unlike what most people think, is not a company such as Blue Cross but, in fact, is eating right, getting enough sleep, exercising, and maintaining healthy hormone levels. To this list I have realized I must add emotional and spiritual health. I am constantly drawn to gratitude and service as the practical applications of these essential aspects of total health. 29 gifts is a great exercise!


Darren Clair
Darren Clair (110)
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Darren Clair
Darren Clair (110)
Today I sent my grand children a book RedWall that I read to my kids at bedtime when they were young - we all enjoyed the experience immensely!
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Amanda Goodwin
Amanda Goodwin (232)
Passing on family traditions - always feels good. :) Nicely did.
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Darren Clair
Darren Clair (110)
Hi - I just joined the community. Please connect or follow me!
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Amanda Goodwin
Amanda Goodwin (232)
Nice to have you here :)
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