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Shear Operator
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I'm a mom to two grown boys, Dustin is 25 and Phillip is 20. My full time job is a Shear Operator at a metal fabrication plant and I work part time in the office of an Adults Only campground. Currently off work for surgery.


Laura Kruger
Laura Kruger (0)
I picked this book up a while back, started reading, and got sidetracked. Nearly done reading, and I'm on Day 3. There is something magical about this, it really works. On Day 1, I donated a $700 bag to an animal rescue to auction for their fundraiser. I had picked it up, brand new, at Goodwill for $7.99 around Thanksgiving, knowing what it was worth but not sure what I would do with it. I'm currently off work for surgery, and could have sold it for personal gain, but I will survive without it. The animals that the rescue saves need funding more than I do. I had arranged to buy some used children's books that day. I then got a message saying they would be free, instead of the $15 purchase price. Day 2: I donated some of those books to my niece, who has 2 small children. I also bought ingredients and took the time to teach her how to make my cheesecake, which she loves. It turned out great. The world gave back instantly again! I got a beautiful sterling silver ring in the mail as a free gift! Day 3: I am donating part of the books to our Little Library, so people can take them as they wish. I'm also taking my ex-boyfriend's little girls to a movie tonight. I haven't seen them in months, so that is a gift to me as much as it is to them. I cannot wait to see what else this giving journey has in store for me!
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Laura Kruger
Laura Kruger (0)
Hi - I just joined the community. Please connect or follow me!
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