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Hello all. I am a retired elementary school principal who now works in our family HVAC business. I am also an Independent Consultant for Rodan and Fields Skincare. I am a wife, mother to 2 men, and a new Nana! I happened across the book, 29 Gifts, while shopping at McKays Used Books---to say it has been lifechanging for me would be an understatement. It has inspired me to look for gifts that I can give to others! I am excited to begin this journey of giving and most importantly, receiving gifts from others.


Ginger Ash
Ginger Ash (10)
I just finished 29 gifts today and cannot begin to tell you what a blessing Cami's story has been to me. I have been in public eduation for over 24 years; I have been a classroom teacher, assistant principal, and principal. I have mentored and counseled thousands of students and teachers. I have a bachelors degree, masters degree, and lack 2 semesters having my doctorate. This summer, I decided it was time to leave the education world. It has just taken over my entire life; due to long hours and high expectations, I was missing out on the things that make me happy. Things such as time with my husband, time with my boys, and time with my 11 month old grandson. I wanted to spend more time with them--throughout my career, I had missed important events, but mostly I had missed out on time with them. I wanted my time with them back. What I also discovered was that my whole self-worth was built around my career, my degrees, and my title. When I left education, I no longer knew what my worth was. I have honestly struggled with that; and no matter how many times your husband tells you your worth; If you don't find it yourself, you really are lost.

I am lost.....but after reading 29 gifts, I am ready to find my worth again through giving intentionally and purposefully. I am excited to start my journey and hope by giving to others, I can desperately find my worth again.

My plan is to begin January 1st; couldn't think of a better way to start 2020. See you along my journey!
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Ginger Ash
Ginger Ash (10)
Hi - I just joined the community. Please connect or follow me!
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