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Jill Clark
Jill Clark (0)
Hi All,
I randomly came up the book and finished it today. The universe definitely put in my hands at the right time! 2019 was full of change~good and far less than desirable. I have been wrapped up in my own head and have spent too much time focusing on what I don't have vs. the abundance that surrounds me. I also have autoimmune issues that, despite my diligence in getting it into remission, have reared their ugly head lately. I've been feeling defeated in this area and think it is a great time to stop focusing on my ailments, aches, and pains and put my energy into something positive. The world can always use more goodness, more light, more hope, and more smiles; I am excited to be part of the light and spread smiles to those around me.
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Jill Clark
Jill Clark (0)
Hi - I just joined the community. Please connect or follow me!
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