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Cami Walker
Cami Walker (344)
Good Giving Weekly: THE GIVING RETURN
September 14, 2018

Greetings #29Gifts Community,

Happy Flashback Friday. I am remembering my Today Show appearance from November 2008, at the launch of #29Gifts. It was a very exciting time because the book hit the New York Times Bestseller List. It was also a difficult time because my first husband, Mark, and I were splitting up during a major press tour. 29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life was featured on, in O Magazine, Women’s World, Body+Soul, and many more. I also did a national radio tour including NPR. Here are a few fun flashback links

Welcome back if you are veteran returning for another round of #29Gifts. Are you seeing a return on your giving? Have you been able to say yes to new, unexpected opportunities? Do you have questions for me? Post them in the comments and I will reply.

I am proud that millions of people have been exposed to the 29 Gifts story, and ten years later, I am still on a mission to revive the worldwide giving spirit. This exposure was thanks to support from my agent Rita Rosenkrantz and Lissa Warren, the dynamic publicist who worked for my publisher, Da Capo Press, a division of Perseus Book Group. The momentum of the 29 Gifts book launch thrust me into the public eye, but I wasn’t ready to to be famous and live transparently. Here is a link to a story I wrote about this time called You Have To Ride The Waves of Life. Get detail about what happened when Mark and I split up in 2009, a low point for me personally. Thankfully today I can celebrate the abundance in my life.

Thanks to everyone who has given financial gifts to help Trooper (my rescue dog) train to be a Therapy and Service Dog. So far I have raised $840 of my $2,300 goal. We have completed five hours of training and I am now armed with better tools to work with Trooper. Lisa Sickles, Trooper’s trainer from taught me to be more confident and better ways to deal with Trooper’s excitability. He is now using a pet CBD Tincture, a custom Bach Flower Essence Blend from I waiting eagerly for Vetriscience Composure Pro to come from Amazon. It is recommended by my vet and Lisa to treat anxiety. It’s another natural product. I still have the medication the vet prescribed but feel better using the natural products first. Trooper now sits, stays and releases consistently. We are working on a few new commands. Lisa and I walked Trooper together multiple times and made progress on his fear reactions to different dogs. He still has noteable anxiety, especially when he is separated from me. I still need help covering additional private dog training costs and for additional dental work for me. I have to get my implant. Please give if you can and share this link in the spirit of community!

Write a 2,000-word personal essay submission for my second book. 29 Life Lessons: Reflections On Living and Giving is the much anticipated sequel to Cami Walker’s New York Times Bestselling self-help memoir, 29 Gifts: How A Month of Giving Can Change Your Life. 29 Life Lessons includes personal stories from Walker and members of the 29 Gifts global community, self-help prompts, and creative giving tips. Get submission guidelines and read three stories from Cami.

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Join our 29 Gifts Community Team. Help welcome new members, comment on people's posts and start conversations on If you are interested in joining me, leave a comment on this post. You can also organize group gives in your local area. When I was traveling and speaking about 29 Gifts, I organized Flower Power Gives in each city I visited. Read about my first Flower Power Give in 2008.

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Good Giving!
Cami Walker
Chief Evangelist,
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