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Cami Walker
Cami Walker (344)
Good Giving Weekly: GENEROUS SPIRIT
September 25, 2018

Greetings #29Gifts Community,

Welcome new givers and veterans coming back for a new round of #29Gifts. Have you noticed a positive shift in your energy for life? Our thinking is such a powerful tool. As you focus on what you have to offer to the world, your energy follows that intention, raising your vibration so you experience more abundance.

I often receive messages that express confusion about whether giving to ourselves is selfish, or if it “counts” as a part of the #29Gifts ritual. Mbali Creazzo, the Medicine Woman who gave me the 29 Gifts prescription, advised us to begin a 29 day gift cycle to ourselves – to start each day with gratitude for what we have, as gratitude keeps the heart open, and then start the day with a gift to ourselves.

Giving to yourself not only “counts” – it serves as a reminder that we are worthy of receiving. It increases our sense of abundance and rejuvenates our spirits. Congratulations on joining and being open and willing to accept abundance into your life! I predict you will be the recipient of COUNTLESS gifts.

I decided to follow Mbali’s wise advice and make a mindful effort to give something to myself each day. Yesterday I gave myself a nap. This morning I enjoyed a cup of hot tea and did my physical therapy. Other ideas include write a poem, draw a picture, walk the dog, practice yoga, meditate, pray, take a hot bath, aromatherapy. What kind of gifts would motivate you to keep digging deep and giving generously? Please share your ideas in the comments.

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Join our 29 Gifts Community Team and do volunteer service. Help welcome new members, comment on people's posts and start conversations on If you are interested in joining me, leave a comment on this post. You can also organize group gives in your local area. When I was traveling and speaking about 29 Gifts, I organized Flower Power Gives in each city I visited. Read about my first Flower Power Give in 2008.

Thanks to everyone who has given financial gifts to help Trooper (my rescue dog) train to be a Therapy and Service Dog. So far I have raised $840 of my $2,300 goal. I still need help getting to that goal for private dog training costs and for additional dental work for me. Please give if you can and share this link in the spirit of community!

Please invite friends to join you at "Like" and Share Use the tag #29Gifts on your social media posts. Follow Cami on Twitter or Snapchat @camiwalker29 and at Click on Documents to download free 29 Gifts Note Cards and other fun giving tools.

Good Giving!
Cami Walker
Chief Evangelist,
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