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Katherine McCoy
Katherine McCoy (0)
Hi there! My name is Katy McCoy and I hope that I am writing this in the correct area. I'm documenting DAY ONE, GIFT ONE of my 29 Gifts journey on this forum to keep myself accountable and to share my story.

Cami, I read your book in a single afternoon at a coffee shop. Not only was it inspiring, it truly lifted my spirit and encouraged me to take the reins of my own life. I've been anxiously awaiting April 1st to begin my challenge, and now that it's finally here I feel overwhelmed with the amount of gifts I want to give.

My day hasn't gone exactly according to plan. I made a life-changing decision to invest in myself. In 90 days, I will be a certified success coach with licensing in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Time and Emotional Healing techniques. Today, I chose myself as the recipient of my gift. I'm choosing to believe in myself, trust that if I take action it will be rewarded, and allow myself to enjoy this journey without overwhelming fear regarding money, what ifs, or should haves.

I'm feeling very, very good about today and I'm thankful that I chose myself today. I know the importance of pouring into myself before pouring over onto others, so although I hadn't planned to be the recipient of my gift today, I'm grateful and pleased with my choice. May tomorrow be a new day full of possibility with DAY TWO, GIFT TWO.

Katy Grace
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