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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson (236)
I still have one prize pack with the Yellow Bird to give away to the next giver who leaves a comment on this thread! GO!
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Susan Walloch
Susan Walloch (0)
My latest gift was to help my teacher friend set up her classroom. It was a fun time.
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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson (236)
Congrats, Susan! You're the winner of my last prize pack, which includes the yellow bird in the nest. I'll be contacting you for your shipping address shortly via private message. Happy Receiving!
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joyce stewart
joyce stewart (18)
I would be happy/ thrilled to receive a prize pack but I've got to tell you I find the web site and all the different places to look a little confusing - as I see someone commented on earlier. I could use a little reinforcement re where to post gifts - ideas for gifts - reactions (my own) to giving. I think this is such a great concept but feel as though the process of spreading the word gets complicated.
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