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Scarlet Ravin
Scarlet Ravin (265)
Hi, Folks! I have a book launch coming up September 19th and 29gifts will be offering my book as a gift as well! But for now, if you join my book party newsletter (you can sign up at you'll be entered to win amazing gifts! 2x 90-minute sessions have been gifted to add to the book launch party excitement! 90-minute coaching session and a 90-minute intuitive business consulting session! You'll be entered to win these sessions if you join my book launch party newsletter!

"Follow the Medicine, Awakening Self Empowerment" is a book on reclaiming your inner power to be able to create the life you truly want to live! I give real life situations and show the many perspectives we can obtain which will then either empower us or deflate us! It's a beautiful book on creating that successful abundant life you always wanted to live!

“Profound and Life Changing. This book will help you feel strong and empowered as you move forward in life.”
Cami Walker, New York Times Best selling author of 29 gifts, How monthly giving can change your life and Creator of the movement

When you buy my book on September 19th (Directions will be available on the website and through the newsletter) you'll also receive a free e-book I wrote called "Scarlet's Little Book of Secrets" with three very profound, life changing events that I am sharing with the world for the first time!
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