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Jennifer Waugh
Jennifer Waugh (181)
Hello Everyone,

I just finished Cami's book and I am inspired. I have always thought of myself as a giving person. I help others when ever I can, I donate cloths, give positive comments to people for no reason but I have never done it with intent to give them as gifts. I thank Cami for helping me change my mindset. I started today and I had the strangest reaction. I was in a drive thru line and I simply paid for the persons order behind me. It looked to me a man and his teenage son. It was simple and spontaneous. However, I was so incredibly nervous, my hand was shaking as I handed the card to the cashier. The energy I felt is still with me 20 minutes later. I am excited to follow this path with so many givers and I look forward to seeing my life improve for the better.

Many blessings to all of you and yours!
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Melanie Peters
Melanie Peters (144)
I know exactly what you mean, Jennifer. I always believed that my generosity was enough, but after taking the 29 Gifts Challenge I realized how much more inspired my life was from giving with intent. Thank you for sharing!
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