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Nancy Jacobs
Nancy Jacobs (4)
I am having some trouble navigating the site. I am getting spammed with emails from How do I turn these off? I also read somewhere that you can create your own blog page here. How do I do that? Grateful for any help you may provide.
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Melanie Peters
Melanie Peters (144)
Hi Nancy, you can change your email settings in My Account (the downward arrow next to your profile pic.) In settings select "Notifications" you can select or deselect any of the options you like. Not sure about how to create your own blog. There is a follrsupport community that you can join and they may have the answers there. I use WordPress for my blog and then share my posts in the 29 Gifts discussions. :)
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Nancy Jacobs
Nancy Jacobs (4)
Thanks. Melanie.
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