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Cami Walker
Cami Walker (270)
Abundance vs. Scarcity: Do You Say Yes?

The most common reply I get when I invite someone to sign up on 29 Gifts and commit to give their 29 Gifts is, "I'm TOO busy. There's TOO MUCH on my plate already. I can't add one more thing to my daily 'TO DO' list."

The intention of this project is to help people become more conscious and learn to celebrate the gifts they ALREADY give everyday. That book you read to your little girl last night before bed; that's a gift. The dinner you whipped up the other evening for your next door neighbor; yep, that's a gift too. Showing up to work without complaining and doing your job well; you guessed it, it's a gift. It all "counts."

It's hard for people to believe that they actually don't have to add ANYTHING to their daily to do list to successfully complete this Challenge. All that's needed is a shift in perception so you're mindful of the gifts you offer to the world.

If you WANT to share about your experience publicly on our website, we encourage that. It will help you stay conscious if you do so. But other than spending thirty seconds to set up your profile, participating on the community website is 100% optional.

My personal opinion is that when I'm telling myself I'm too busy to say yes to something I want to try; I am in a scarcity mindset. It's totally cool if I say, "I don't want to do that because I'm not interested." Great. I made a choice to say no to something because I don't want to do it.

But if I'm thinking or saying, "That sounds interesting. I'd maybe like to try it but I don't have enough time, money, energy..." I am holding a very limiting belief that is blocking the flow of energy in my life.

I estimate approximately 50,000 people have heard about this project based on book sales, media attention and viral activity we can track in very rudimentary ways. I wonder what percentage of people *wanted* to say yes, but couldn't because of their scarcity mindset?

TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE SAID YES AND SIGNED UP: Congratulations on being open and willing to accept abundance into your life! I predict you will be the recipient of COUNTLESS gifts.

If you'd like to support 29 Gifts in our mission to revive the giving spirit in the world, invite some friends to join you here at Share a giving story, photograph, or upgrade your membership to contribute a voluntary membership fee.

Good giving today.
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