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Cami Walker
Cami Walker (342)
Good Giving Weekly - Progress not Perfection
December 7, 2017

I am practicing letting go of perfectionism. Instead I am embracing progress and allowing myself to make mistakes that help me learn life lessons. I try to stay mindful and notice shifts in energy and connections between my intentions and my actions. During December, we encourage you to give "Outside the Box." Challenge yourself to give without spending money. Be creative and have fun. Take notice of the blessings in your life, and build yourself up with positive acts that are gifts to those around you. Find ideas and comment and add your ideas for Gifting Outside the Box.

Gifts can be ANYTHING you offer with mindfulness and positive intention. Clean out your closets and give away clothes, shoes or handbags. Give material items, like money or food. Give time, smiles, compliments or simple prayers. Read to your child. Play with your dog. Pet your cat. Pay for someone's coffee or lunch. Don't forget to make some art and write stories about your #29Gifts experience and share them at

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29 Life Lessons: Reflections On Living and Giving is the much anticipated sequel to Cami Walker’s New York Times best-selling self-help memoir, 29 Gifts: How A Month of Giving Can Change Your Life. 29 Life Lessons includes personal stories from Walker and members of the 29 Gifts global community, self-help prompts, and creative giving tips. Get details and submission guidelines here.

Being part of a community is a wonderful opportunity to give to those in need but to also ask for help and support. If you or someone you care about is in need of prayers or positive thoughts, please share on the Prayer Café discussion board.

Happy Giving!
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Melanie Peters
Melanie Peters (144)
Cami, thank you for posting the Good Giving Weekly this week! My world was just too chaotic to make it happen. Your patience and reminder to let go of perfectionism was exactly what my heart and mind needed this week.
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Cami Walker
Cami Walker (342)
Thanks Melanie. Love you lots!
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