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United States | Wappingers Falls, New York
Thank you for connecting with me online and welcome to my Website! Here you will find out more information about me than you will ever want to know :) I hope you enjoy learning my story and will connect with me.


Stephen Fells
Stephen Fells (8,262)
The third kit revealed:
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Stephen Fells
Stephen Fells (8,262)
Not so sure about this Foyth guy. We followed Danny's advice and googled him - looks like the police might want him more than Spurs!
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Stephen Fells
Stephen Fells (8,262)
Highlights from last nights game - we was robbed! Lots more photos to come:
Tottenham vs AS Roma 2-3 - All Goals & Extended Highlights - Friendly 25/07/2017 HD - YouTube
Tottenham vs AS Roma 2-3 - All Goals & Extended Highlights - Friendly 25/07/2017 HD Goals: Diego Perotti 13', Cengiz Under 70', Harry Winks 87', Vincent Jans...
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Stephen Fells
Stephen Fells (8,262)
Representatives from the East Fishkill Spurs Supporters Club will be at the Route 52 Sports Complex, East Fishkill this weekend during the EFSC Dutchess Cup.

There are free gifts to new members who sign up at the event (while stocks last)!

We hope to see you there.

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Stephen Fells
Stephen Fells (8,262)

Hi Everyone!

With the Spurs/AS Roma game fast approaching we need an accurate list of everyone that is attending. Events are being arranged including a tailgate and we are looking at transportation options with one being travelling down as a group. This might involve other supporters clubs from our area so please get this info in soon.

We need the names and ages of anyone and everyone you know that has tickets to the game and will be traveling from the Hudson Valley region. Emails should be sent to:

We cannot guarantee any involvement in Spurs related events if you send this information in late.

As always let me know if you have questions and of course, COYS!

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Stephen Fells
Stephen Fells (8,262)
Pundits at the Lane:
Premier League Download: Pundits at the Lane
Our Premier League analysts meet in the Tottenham locker room at White Hart Lane to discuss the subject of management, including what makes a good man
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Stephen Fells
Stephen Fells (8,262)
No matter what the result, Sunday will see a celebration as what is truly the final whistle sounds out across White Hart Lane.

There will be smiles and tears as a new era begins. Many will say it started on May 27th 2014 with the arrival of our current head coach but the truth is it started well before that. Love him or hate him, Daniel Levy has a vision and a world class stadium is, pardon the pun, at the h(e)art of it.

In this first video to celebrate our iconic stadium, East Fishkill Spurs ambassador Micky Hazard shares his thoughts.

I have been a season ticket holder for many years but my memories go back further when as a young boy I stood on the terraces of The Shelf, crushed by many a surge, but loving everyone minute. Being part of one body of supporters who, through good and bad, felt love for everything that is lilywhite, everything that is Spurs. I for one feel mostly sad but it is exciting to also acknowledge the fact that never in my lifetime has it been this good to be a Spurs fan.

As the chant goes, I'm Tottenham 'til I die!

Goodbye White Hart Lane and of course COME ON YOU SPURS!!!
Announcing the release of Memory Lane, a feature-length documentary – by the fans, for the fans – charting the noble history of Tottenham Hotspur football cl...
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Stephen Fells
Stephen Fells (8,262)
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Stephen Fells
Stephen Fells (8,262)
I've been asked by new fans to share more about Spurs history. It don't get more detailed than this!
Tottenham Hotspur Official History
A brilliant history lesson on the great Tottenham hotspur football club
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Lenore Duwe
Lenore Duwe (102)
Thanks Fellsy!
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Michael Zeolla
Michael Zeolla (2)
I just need to block out an afternoon to watch this..... ;)
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Cj Greenwood
Cj Greenwood (110)
More please!
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Stephen Fells
Stephen Fells (8,262)
Great game today but very happy there is now an international break to let Sir Kane get better :)
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