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Cristie L-H
Cristie L-H (0)
Day 1 -- Let go, let God.

I haven't done this in a while (I completed many months of giving a few years ago, but I really needed the opportunity to start fresh).

Today, I did something I should have done a long time ago and reached out to someone I want to get to know better. Not on a romantic quest, exactly, but someone who has piqued my interest. Why is this a gift? Because, after many months of doubting myself and my worth, I came to the conclusion that life is so much more beautiful when we abandon the struggle of indecision. I - we - cannot, must not, be bound to our chairs with apoplexy. We must not be stuck in the past or aloof in the future. We have ourselves and ourselves only. With this attitude, I promise that in the next 28 days, I will cultivate so much love inside and outside. I am an embodiment of love and of grace. And I can do this. I can be love, because I am love.

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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson (238)
Welcome home, Cristie! I'm so happy you found us again. Your post is very meaningful to me (and I'm sure many others), as I'm in a similar place and made the decision recently to start taking action in several areas of my life - improved health, rewarding employment and rekindling friendships. Indecision is worse than making a "bad" decision, because the sooner we act, the more options we have if the first one doesn't work out as planned. Our options tend to decrease the longer we fail to act and we get stuck. Life is to short to be stuck or aloof. Very well put. Thank you for the gift of your post today.
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Cristie L-H
Cristie L-H (0)
Hi - I just joined the community. Please connect or follow me!
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