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Cindy Jurain
Cindy Jurain (100)
I'm very confused. I'm sure it's because I'm brand new. I am having difficulty commenting on things. Where do I journal the gifts?
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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson (238)
Welcome, Cindy! Sorry you're having issues posting. Simply click on Comment to write a message. Then hit your keyboard's Enter button to post. I'll bring this up to technical support. I never thought about it before, but you're right - it is confusing! I learned that hitting the Enter key posts the message when I first joined and tried to start a new paragraph by hitting Enter. The text posted instead. Thanks for bring this to my attention. You can check off 1 gift to everyone for the day!
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Cindy Jurain
Cindy Jurain (100)
Hi - I just joined the community. Please connect or follow me!
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