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Keri Sandy
Keri Sandy (0)
I just joined and am in the middle of finishing the 29 Gifts book. My mother (the most giving of anyone I know) gave this book to me and each of our family members for her birthday. Yes you read right, for her birthday. At each birthday she gives each of us a gift, this has been the way since I can remember. Sometimes it's something silly or something meaningful, it makes her feel good she says. So several years ago she gave each of us 29 Gifts. I picked it up to read once and put it back down and it since sat on my bookshelf. I guess it wasn't the right time. I recently took a camping trip out to Joshua Tree with my boyfriend and brought it along. I haven't put it down since and am excited to start my own challenge which I plan to do in 6 days on my 34th birthday. Lately my birthday has been a sore spot for me, always a reminder of what I don't have but this year that will be changing. I am so inspired by this book, thank you Cami! My boyfriend and I both needed a swift kick in the bum when it comes to gratitude, even for each other. My first gift will be a letter to my mom to say thank you for all she has done for me over the years, for being so giving and for bringing me this book. I will give it to her on my birthday this year.
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Amanda Goodwin
Amanda Goodwin (232)
Keri - welcome and this is lovely. I think you're right to give yourself the gift of knowing that you came to the Attitude of Gratitude at exactly the right time - and now you are on your way. This site is a great place to blog about your giving - let me know if you have any questions. Happy Giving.
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Keri Sandy
Keri Sandy (0)
Hi - I just joined the community. Please connect or follow me!
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