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I just retired from the military after 29+ years. I read the 29 Gifts book and immediately sent it to my friend with MS. This is a positive and heart-warming project!


Judith Mathewson
Judith Mathewson (114)
I was flying on American Airlines in the middle seat. What could have been uncomfortable and unpleasant became interesting toward the end of the trip as I was explaining to Michelle, in the aisle seat, that my book "Miracles All Around Us" was very good and inspired me to do great things. As we walked into the airport, I said, "Michelle - this is for you! We all need miracles, don't we?" She stopped and said, "WOW!" It was awesome to see her surprise and gratitude!
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Judith Mathewson
Judith Mathewson (114)
Hi - I just joined the community. Please connect or follow me!
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Angel Stork
Angel Stork (182)
Hi Judith, Welcome aboard. We hope to be seeing your gift challenge posts soon. Angel
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