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Silvia Y ( Full Profile | )
Inspired to give
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Hello all! I am an adventurous Venezuelan living in San Francisco, CA. I used to be a perfectionist engineer, now I'm an environmentalist and spiritual seeker... ;-)


Silvia Y
Silvia Y (110)
This week I have been more mindful about giving to others something, a call, a smile, doing a favor, listening to a friend or a coworker. I feel it's natural for me to do random acts of kindness, but it's been a challenge to keep my journal on a daily basis. What works best for you?
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Melanie Peters
Melanie Peters (144)
HI Silvia, just remember how much grace and gratitude builds up in your words. Even if it's a list of your intentions for the day, you are creating a record of the good you put into the world. What is you gave yourself the gift of a journal date each night or at lunch time each day. That gift of dedicated time might make it easier to put into writing all your terrific actions and intentions.
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Silvia Y
Silvia Y (110)
Hello all! I'm happy to join this wonderful community. I've just finished Cami's book this weekend and feel very connected and inspired by her story. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune neuromuscular condition about 18 months ago. It's been a long learning journey for me, especially to allow, accept, and feel gratitude. I am feeling these challenging times in my life are helping me to connect better with my emotions and spirituality. I think I am a very generous person, but not on a daily basis... the 29 giving challenge will definitely help me to keep mindful. I'm starting today! :-)
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Melanie Peters
Melanie Peters (144)
Welcome, Silvia! Gratitude and mindfulness enhance our lives in so many ways. It will be fun to share in your giving journey.
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Silvia Y
Silvia Y (110)
Hi - I just joined the community. Please connect or follow me!
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