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Sadaf Ansari
Sadaf Ansari (34)
I'm an SEO Analyst and besides this, I run eStore my business on Amazon and eBay. I was having difficulty with my product optimization for about 2 years. Then I came to about the virtual assistant services but I wasn't sure if I should opt for this or not as I didn't have many expenses to hire a VA. Then it has so happened that one of my friends told me about a company in the USA who provides professional amazon listing services at the minimal cost. I found this attractive as my pocket was allowing me to go for it.
So the most twisting part in this is that Urtasker ( ) gave me the hopes to get my products listed and optimized at the higher ranks.
It is mostly heard that you have to do too much work on eBay and in return, you get a little. Is that true? I asked the same question from one of the officials of eBay University working on a higher position, who also give lectures on how to use eBay as your business platform. He started telling me and Urtasker that on eBay your income is not fixed, it’s up to you how much you want to earn from eBay. Don’t put all the money to your pocket; earn more by investing it again and adding more products to your listings.
The story begins in the way that Urtasker took the responsibility of for providing their best PPC management services and I was ready to experience the uplift in my number of views and interested buyers in a couple of months.
I'm simply amazed at the end of that year (2017) when I calculated my per month revenue which was $1000 On eBay in a month. WOWwww. I'm sure you people must saying this with me. I request Sir Omer - the Co-Founder of Urtasker - to please share your tactics with us so we don't need to worry further. He nicely wrote a well-explained article and published on his website. I'm a regular follower of their articles as their tactics teach me how to drive the traffic to my eStore.
I request to y'all to please read their articles full of tips and tricks for online selling and eCommerce business.
This is my favorite >>
I'm now gaining 6 figure income from my Amazon store by just following their guidelines.
Thanks to Urtasker.
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