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Regan  Johnson
Regan Johnson (0)
Hi everyone, I just finished reading the 29 Gifts book. I am a junior in college and currently working as an aide at a local assisted living. My job brings me great joy and happiness, but I also struggle with finding those small joys when I am back at college or having a down day. I am making it a goal to start this challenge with the hopes of finding those little happy moments that often go unnoticed. Life is hectic and I get caught up in the many ways that I am lacking or not enough. So, I am enthusiastic about this change in my routine and hope to gain a new perspective and create/notice all of the greatness that surrounds me. If anyone has any gift-giving suggestions, I am all ears, I do sometimes worry that I won't be able to come up with a grand enough gesture, but am trying to remind myself of the little things that can make someone's day. Happy giving to you all and feel free to reach out!
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