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Cami Walker
Cami Walker (354)
DEADLINE: March 29, 2019

29 Life Lessons: Reflections On Living and Giving is the much anticipated sequel to Cami Walker’s New York Times best-selling self-help memoir, 29 Gifts: How A Month of Giving Can Change Your Life. 29 Life Lessons includes personal stories from Walker and members of the 29 Gifts global community, self-help prompts, and creative giving tips.

29 Life Lessons tells the story of the growth and evolution of a global goodwill movement. It is part memoir, part self-help workbook. Some of the stories will have visuals to support them, such as photos, drawings or other art. Authors Cami Walker and Angel Stork artfully weave colorful giving stories from the 29 Gifts global community members to illustrate the transformative power of giving in all areas of our lives.

The following nine “Slices of Life” categories are used to help organize the content for the reader. In addition to moving “real life” giving stories, each book section will include prescriptive giving tips and creative "lessons" to help readers more fully open themselves to the natural reciprocity of the universe.

*Personal Growth and Self Love
*Health and Well-Being
*Creativity and Self Expression
*Calling and Career
*Abundance and Wealth
*Family and Friendship
*Love and Romance
*Spiritual Growth
*Community Connections

Cami Walker founded the movement in 2008. She lives in Denver, Colorado with Trooper, her 4-pound rescue dog. Her writing has appeared in O magazine,, Women’s World, Psychology Today and others. Walker was interviewed on the Today Show, NPR, and many podcasts.

For 29 Life Lessons, Walker is collaborating with Angel Stork, an original member and contributor to Stork has been a spiritual teacher and coach for 30 years. She is a published author and blogger living in Northern California.

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Flower Power Give by Cami Walker

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