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Are you new to 29 Gifts? Ask questions and learn more about this remarkable challenge. If you are a seasoned giver, share your giving experiences and insights to help others begin the change that 29 Days of Giving can bring. There are only two requirements of the challenge: 1. Mindfully give one thing away every day for the next 29 days 2. Journal your experiences. You can keep your own private journal, but we encourage you to post them on the site daily. Please attach photos whenever possible. We'd love to share your giving journey!


Kate McDevitt
Kate McDevitt (0)
I'm so glad to see this community & site are back online. I've never participated in the challenge before, but I put it on my 101 Things in 1001 Days list a few years ago because it seemed like a neat concept. I'm reading Cami's book right now and already feeling inspired. But does anyone have any tips for a complete newbie who has never done this before? I am most worried about not coming up with something to give on a day and breaking the streak. Cami's gifts, as I read about them, seem so genuine and natural. I feel like it's bad to have in the back of my head "if you can't come up with something some day, just make a Kiva loan or donate to a charity." I'm an ISTJ; I guess I'm getting hung up on worrying that I'm not doing things right before I even start. Help? Advice? Tips?
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Patricia Barnett
Patricia Barnett (106)
Don't worry - just start and everything will work out. There are so many things you can give - a smile and a kind word, you could pick up litter, put your neighbour's dustbin out for them, plant a flower for the bees to enjoy, donate to the charity shop, feed the birds, recycle more - anything and everything counts - be kind to yourself too. There is nothing to worry about, there is no right or wrong and a loan on Kiva is a BIG thing to do - it is helping someone to help themselves. What works for me is to give, whatever it is, with real love . Relex, enjoy and go for it.
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