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A month of giving can truly change your life! Just ask Cami Walker, or one of the many members who have experienced the joys of mindful giving. Be sure to journal and share your 29 Days of Giving. Tell us about your giving, your receiving, and how giving makes you feel. Tell us what your gifts mean to you, the impact on the recipients and how the challenge impacts your life over the next 29 days. Share the change with the Community to inspire and support others, a gift in itself. Thank you for accepting the challenge. We look forward to sharing your experience!


Cami Walker
Cami Walker (262)

Greetings 29 Gifts Community,

Please send prayers and healing energy to California. Mother Nature is expressing herself in an angry outbreak of more than 15 wild fires. I have close friends--a family of four--in Santa Rosa who evacuated on foot and barely made it out alive. They lost their home and were not able to save any belongings. Some friends are starting a fund raiser for this family so I will share that information soon. I am terrified by the destructive force of fire, but understand it is Mother Nature's way of purging.

GIVE AND GET HAPPY member and travel blogger, Jennifer Schlueter, tells us how the 29 Day Giving Challenge helped make her happier. Watch and share her video

Kimberly Arms Shirk defied all odds as she survived being severely burned and nearly killed by 13,000 volt electrical line accident and today tells her story of determination and hope in "Remote Fears and Silver Linings." For your chance to win a copy of Kimberly’s book, comment on the Great Giveaways Discussion Board before October 28th. Winner will be announced on October 29th.

29 Life Lessons: Reflections On Living and Giving is the much anticipated sequel to Cami Walker’s New York Times best-selling self-help memoir, 29 Gifts: How A Month of Giving Can Change Your Life. 29 Life Lessons includes personal stories from Walker and members of the 29 Gifts global community, self-help prompts, and creative giving tips. Get details and submission guidelines here.

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Melanie Peters
Melanie Peters (134)
Thank you, Cami, for these beautiful words on FEAR and for sharing a terrific focus for all of us to work toward. We all need to put faith in one another and the good that come from giving kindness.
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Cami Walker
Cami Walker (262)
Some thoughts on FEAR and FAITH.

I am seized with FEAR watching news stories about the horrible mass-shooting in Las Vegas at a country music festival. Once again, fear strikes at a celebratory event. So far, more than 58 dead and 500+ injured. Senseless violence that is totally baffling.

A number of recent events that stoke the flames of FEAR in my heart. Hurricanes. Earthquakes. Terrorist attacks. War. Weapons of mass destruction... the list goes on.

October should be a month of welcoming Fall, planning Halloween costumes, tricks and treats. It is a time for harvesting, for change, and sharing our gifts with the world. It is also a month that embraces FEAR in all the positive and negative aspects, with celebrations of Halloween.

I have heard in 12-step meetings that F.E.A.R. can be an acronym: False. Evidence. Appearing. Real.
If we choose to focus on everything that makes us feel afraid, it can be crippling. I often receive questions from 29Gifters, expressing confusion about whether giving to ourselves is selfish, or if it counts as a part of our daily giving ritual.

Early in my giving, Mbali Creazzo, the African Medicine Woman who gave me the 29 Gifts prescription, advised me to begin a 29-day gift cycle to myself – to start each day with gratitude for what I have, as gratitude keeps the heart open, and then give a simple gift to myself.

I have fallen into a pattern of over-giving which leaves me feeling drained, angry and resentful--not the ideal energy to be giving from. So I decided to take Mbali's wise advice again and make a mindful effort to give something to myself each day.

Giving to yourself not only ‘counts’ – it serves as a reminder that we ourselves are worthy of receiving, it increases our sense of abundance, it helps to open our hearts and rejuvenate our spirits. Here are some simple gifts you can give yourself. Please comment to add your ideas.
Enjoying nature
Calling friends
Write and journal
Make art
Pet your dog or cat
Read a book
Watch a movie
Play with a child
Go to the library
Get a massage
Ask for help
Make up your own game

SIGN UP at to share your experience, strength and hope. Join me in my personal mission to revive the world giving spirit worldwide. Congratulations on being open and willing to accept abundance into your life! I predict you will be the recipient of COUNTLESS gifts. What are your thoughts on FEAR? Please share your experience about how to harness the energy of fear and turn it into faith.
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Cami Walker
Cami Walker (262)
hoping more people read and share this post. i am interested in Comments, not just Likes. and Shares.
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Cami Walker
Cami Walker (262)
As we welcome fall, we would like to focus this week’s giving on a happy harvest. If you have a job that allows you to provide for your family and self, say a prayer of thanksgiving and consider sharing a gift of gratitude with those at your work. If there is someone who provides you with an abundance of support, show you gratitude for them in a letter or message. Has a particularly special blessing found its way into your life? Love? Friendship? Support? Be sure to find a way to say thanks for the abundance it has brought to your life and be sure to reap the good of giving for those who are in need of their own happy harvest.

Consider sharing in your harvest of blessings with those in need as well. Most local groceries stores have a donation bin for food pantries or charities. Drop in an item when picking up your own food goods. A number of retailers are collecting donations at this time to help in the relief efforts of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Say, “yes,” to donating a dollar when you check out. Spread the bounty of blessings with your gift. Comment here and tell us what you love about the bounty of fall.
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Here some others in English:
- Give a sincere compliment.
- Let someone into your lane while you’re driving. 
- Hold the door open for a few extra seconds.
- Express your gratitude for what is too often taken for granted.
- Share some of your tasty homemade cookies. Or bread, ice cream or ...
- Give away a piece of your hobby. Like a bracelet or a drawing you have made for instance.
- Share some of your fall harvest. For example some jam, canned vegetables or dried delicious mushrooms or fruit.
- Encourage someone who is in a difficult situation at the moment.
- Tell a good – or terrible – joke. Or a funny story about something that happened to you last week.
- Share something funny you found online. Play one of your favorite clips from a stand-up show you love if you are out of jokes and good stories at the moment.
- Offer a plant, the joy can lasts for years.
- Give a hug. It unstresses and it can disrupt negative thoughts and change someone’s mood surprisingly quickly. Use when appropriate though.
- Cook their favorite food if they have had a bad day.
- Get their favorite takeout food. If you want a quicker option than cooking a meal.
- Smile. Even if you’re only spending 30 seconds on talking to the cashier in the supermarket checkout line.
- Run an errand or do one chore for that person. It can be big stress reducer if he or she is having a hectic day.
- Just listen. It’s sometimes all that’s needed to help someone out of a negative headspace.
- Bring a cup of tea or coffee the way that person likes it. It only takes a minute while you are already up and getting a hot beverage for yourself.
- Hide a secret note for him or her to find. A note of thankfulness. Or a note with a compliment. Or simply a note of love. Hide it in their tea container, lunch box or hat for example.
- Bring the positivity. If you bring positivity and an open, happy and good energy into a conversation for example then that tends to spread and the two of you or more will have happier lunch break, evening down at the pub or coffee date in the crisp autumn sunshine.
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I needed ideas, so here some that I share with you. I found them on a french website (if you know french it is a good practice, if not Google translate! :-))
1. Faites un compliment à chacune des personnes que vous aimez/cotoyez.
2. Payez la note d’un café pris avec un ami ou un repas en allant payer à la caisse discrètement. La surprise sera démultipliée !
3. Apportez des croissants ou quelque chose à partager au travail pour les collègues. Vous deviendrez l’ange gardien du jour.
4. Offrez ses friandises ou une part de son gâteau préféré à votre conjoint/ami.
5. Laissez les bons de réductions dont vous n’avez pas besoin au-dessus des produits au supermarché.
6. Préparez des collations dans la voiture pour donner aux personnes sans-abri.
7. Faites un dessin (vous ou vos enfants) et envoyez-le/offrez-le à quelqu’un. Une belle façon de partager l’innocence et la fraîcheur des enfants :o)
8. Envoyez une cybercarte à tous ceux dont le prénom est en fête.
9. Laissez les derniers biscuits du paquet à quelqu’un d’autre au lieu de les finir. C’est dur… mais c’est un bel acte de générosité ^^
10. Laissez un plus gros pourboire que vous le feriez normalement. Surtout quand la personne est souriante et agréable !
11. Proposez de garder les enfants d’un couple d’amis afin qu’ils puissent faire une pause.
12. Apportez à manger à des animaux de votre quartier.
13. Faites le ménage/vaisselle ou quelque chose de contraignant chez une personne que vous appréciez.
14. Laissez passer quelqu’un devant vous à la caisse d’un supermarché.
15. Prenez du temps pour raconter votre jeunesse à vos enfants/petits enfants. Transmettez vos souvenirs et vos conseils !
16. Faites un don de vieux livres/jouets à une association, une garderie, etc.
17. Aidez quelqu’un à porter ses sacs de course.
18. Déposez un livre chez quelqu’un que vous pensez qu’il peut apprécier.
19. Faites des petits cadeaux à vos voisins que vous placerez devant leur porte. Quel plaisir en rentrant du travail !
20. Laissez votre conjoint faire une grasse matinée.
21. Faites un petit déjeuner au lit à votre famille.
22. Occupez vous de plantes, dans votre quartier ou chez vous, bichonnez-les !
23. Laissez un gentil commentaire sur la photo ou le statut de quelqu’un sur Facebook.
24. Ecrivez des post its amusants (blague, clin d’oeil, citation) dans votre maison ou sur le miroir des toilettes publiques.
25. Regardez les gens dans les yeux et souriez-leur avec plaisir !
26. Offrez votre caddie vide avec une pièce à quelqu’un qui s’approche pour en prendre un.
27. Laissez votre place de stationnement à la personne qui attend derrière vous.
28. Envoyez des fleurs à quelqu’un de façon anonyme (ou cueillez-les dans votre jardin !)
29. Fabriquez un cadeau fait maison pour un proche.
30. Mettez pause à votre course quotidienne pour discuter avec quelqu’un sur un banc.
31. Engagez la conversation dans une salle d’attente.
32. Faites des gentils commentaires sur des blogs de façon aléatoire.
33. Complimentez quelqu’un au hasard (que vous ne connaissez ou pas !).
34. Déposez quelques fruits et légumes de votre jardin sur le palier d’un voisin sympathique.
35. Donnez votre siège dans un bus ou dans un endroit bondé.
36. Offrez un dessert ou une boisson pour quelqu’un dans un restaurant de façon anonyme.
37. Lavez le pare-brise d’une voiture au hasard.
38. Organisez une soirée pour tout le quartier dans votre jardin.
39. Demandez un conseil à quelqu’un et écoutez-le attentivement.
40. Tenez la porte pour quelqu’un.
41. Mettez la musique à fond et faites danser votre conjoint/votre famille en rentrant chez vous le soir.
42. Parlez à la caissière du magasin de sa journée.
43. Préparez son gâteau préféré à une personne gourmande.
44. Proposez un massage à un proche pour le réconforter.
45. Déposez un repas, plats cuisiné, pizza (ou autre) chez quelqu’un qui vient d’avoir un bébé, qui a été opéré, qui vit à mille à l’heure ou qui en aurait juste besoin selon vous.
46. Offrez un bouquet de fleurs toutes simples à quelqu’un qui vous a rendu un service dernièrement.
47. Discutez un peu avec la première personne que vous croisez dans votre quartier.
48. Envoyez des copies d’une belle photo aux gens qui sont dessus.
49. Ramassez les ordures dans la rue.
50. Louez le film préféré de votre conjoint ou vos enfants et regardez le tous ensemble avec un plateau repas
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Gift 8: The next day, I took the time to show my foreign friends around.
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Gift 7: Friends from another country, with a little girl of 2,5 yeard old, I hadn't seen for more than 4 years called in the evening to ask if we could see each other the next day and if I knew a place where they could stay. I felt panic and joy. I invited them to stay at my place even if I didn't feel at my best. The next morning and afternoon I arranged my whole house ( as I am in the process of renovating it), bought groceries and cooked for them. Luckly they arrived 3 hours late so I managed to do ecverything! We had a great time!
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Gift 6: I respected myself as I needed rest so I stayed at home AND kept in touch with my Dad, I was there for him by phone as he was sick
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Gift 5: I helped a friend in packing as she needs to move houses soon, she is in panic
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