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Jennifer Hook
Jennifer Hook (2)
Today is my 1st day of the 29-day giving challenge and I'm very excited. I just downloaded the additional documents provided by the website and am printing my journal as I type. To kick off my challenge, I started by giving to a new father in need of baby items to care for his newborn son who's mother died suddenly and tragically. I don't know him personally, as he is the neighbor of a friend of my mother-in-law however I heard his story and am excited to help both he and his new son on their journey. I decided since he doesn't know me anyway, that I would send him some baby items anonymously through Amazon as a gift, removing any trace of my information as the sender. I don't want him to feel bad or weird about accepting these items from a stranger. Maybe he wouldn't, but it made me feel better to send them anonymously :)
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Jennifer Hook
Jennifer Hook (2)
Hi - I just joined the community. Please connect or follow me!
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Jennifer Hook
Jennifer Hook (2)
I recently finished the 9 Gifts audiobook and am inspired and motivated by it, Cami and this movement. I'm very excited to begin my experience.
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