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Alexis Aguirre
Alexis Aguirre (0)
I am on Day 23 of my 29-Day Challenge. I began the book in a place of life that was less than satisfactory. I was feeling sorry for myself about a difficult decision I had to make recently. It hurt every day, and I would dive and wallow in my sadness. I wasn't putting in much effort to my house or the people around me. During the first couple weeks, negative thoughts still crowded my mind about my life. I questioned whether I would get much out of the giving. Then, somewhere around Day 17, I started to set an intention for my giving. Writing down an intention. I now see what the challenge has done for me.

Every day, I feel more connection and surrender with all that is around me. I have re-embraced my spirituality. My book, I have been writing for some time, is almost done and ready to be submitted to publishers. I am eternally grateful. I know the challenge helped me pick myself back up and realize how much I do have to offer the world. It helped me into action - which is the real creator of change. Although negative thoughts still crowd my mind, I feel so much more confident about myself and my life.

Thank you for this book, Cami.
Thank you for the wisdom, Mbali.

Alexis Aguirre
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