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ann fellini
ann fellini (4)
Hi - I just joined the community. Please connect or follow me!
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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson (238)
Hello, Ann. Thanks for joining!
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ann fellini
ann fellini (4)
Thank you for having me,started my 29 gifts today, gave a gift card for Birthday gift a couple of weeks ago, took him to the store to spend it since it is a big box store, and he doesn't have a card,had a fun day
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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson (238)
Ann, I love that you took that extra step to take the recipient of your first gift to spend his gift card - two gifts in one, really! Our lives (really our minds) are so "busy" that we often overlook opportunities to spend quality time with each other. Mindfully giving the gift was surely appreciated; going a step further made it a day to remember.
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ann fellini
ann fellini (4)
I would like to share a gift my husband ,and I years ago,The Christmas Jars, by Jason F. Wright,after reading the book my husband, and I started a Christmas Jar, and had one very year , we found such joy practicing the book,now I practice the book in memory of my sweet husband who past away 2 1/2 years ago,I recommend this book for everyone to read.Thank you Mary Johnson for your kindness
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