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barbara Hopman ( Full Profile | )
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Hello I am Barbara and from the Netherlands. Love to travel, Latte macchiato coffee and seriously addicted to chocolate.. Besides these i have a son that just turned one year old. He is the best that happened to me.


barbara Hopman
barbara Hopman (2)
Hello everyone. While i'm still reading the 29 gifts book, i already wanted to start my 29 gifts. Hope they bring me as much joy as the receivers. I couldn't wait to start, so here is my first gift. I went walking through the woods with my friend, her dog and my son. At a local goatfarm i bought our self apple pie and coffee. It was such a lovely day.
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Cami Walker
Cami Walker (354)
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Amanda Goodwin
Amanda Goodwin (232)
Lovely 1st gift - happy you found this site and looking forward to reading more about your giving journey. If you have any questions just let me know. :)
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barbara Hopman
barbara Hopman (2)
Hi - I just joined the community. Please connect or follow me!
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Cami Walker
Cami Walker (354)
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