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Deb O'Neal
Deb O'Neal (0)
Hello, friends! I just finished reading (literally, just finished) 29 Gifts. I am inspired to think differently about the way I give. Like so many others, I tend to lean towards giving in ways that do deplete my energy. I do enjoy making meals for others, etc., but see that perhaps those ways shouldn't necessarily be counted as my gift for a day. This will be challenging and exciting as I learn to look at gifting in a new, improved way! I will no doubt continue my normal, but perhaps slow it down a bit since I do have Fibromyalgia. I look forward to the energy level to be received on this journey. Thank you, Cami and Mbali for your inspiration for this special new life path. The timing is perfect for me, as I just recently retired. Here's to my first 29 days!!
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Deb O'Neal
Deb O'Neal (0)
Hi - I just joined the community. Please connect or follow me!
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