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Shawna Gutierrez
Shawna Gutierrez (14)
Day 2

A busy day spent at work, very little time to think or engage with others. But I wanted to give a gift anyway. Years ago I wrote and published a book. I wanted and needed reviews to get my book out there, but I couldn't even get those closest to me to provide any. It hurt. It still hurts. Reviews are needed for artist, entrepreneurs, services to get their works/services known. It's the world we now live in--immediate and constant connectivity and feedback.

When I order Cami's book a nice little slip came with it: bar code, title, condition, etc noted. The slip also stated that the Seller shares its profits with schools, churches, and non-profit groups. I decided to give the gift of feedback. I don't often take the time to do this. Yesterday I was tired and much yet to do, but sat down late in the evening and began to provide my feedback. It almost felt like a chore until I read that slip again telling me where the profits go. Once I did that I found myself editing and adding to the very basic feedback I was providing and in the end it felt authentic and heartfelt, which is what I wanted to gift the Seller.

I was so motivated by the exercise that I gave two other feedback reviews on purchases I had made for Christmas. One seller responded with such appreciation and asked that I actually submit the same feedback as a review on their main page! Mission accomplished!
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Shawna Gutierrez
Shawna Gutierrez (14)
Day 1

While reading Cami's book I was so inspired and of course started thinking of the great gifts I could gift. I give often. But I do so without thinking about it--there really isn't a lot of intent beyond finding a new home for things that I no longer need/use/love because I cannot tolerate the idea of wastefulness. Or the obligatory giving that my youngest child insists upon. There is no real joy from doing it, although there is no real resentment either (other than the pushy teenager that won't take no for an answer and turns every want into a NEED) it's just sort of who I am and what I do.

My first day Giving list began to grow: I could give this to so-and-so, and this to so-and-so, and this to myself (whom I rarely give to.) But I decided that planning takes away from the intention of the giving and convolutes the experience. So I decided to be more purposeful. I was still finding a new home for something I had been hanging on to for a really long time--hope, of sorts. But finding it a new home was not only about freeing up some space in my world, it was also about letting go of an idea, a time that would not return. It was about gifting that idea onto someone who would actually enjoy it and be excited about.

The gift was really rather simple: two gift certificates to Miniature Golf. I had saved them for my youngest son from the time he was in the 6th grade hoping to have an experience with him and make memories with him. But instead he grew and fun and experiences with friends became more appealing than experiences and fun with mom. As he entered high school I thought I would send he and a friend to enjoy the certificates and spring for lunch as well. But at that age scheduled fun just isn't the thing. My son is now a junior in high school, and the certificates still sat in my space not only collecting dust but harboring my hope for something special.

I decided to gift them to my niece and nephew, ages 9 and 11. I delivered them to their home while they were at school and arranged a plate of cookies I had made. I fanned the certificates out next to the plate of cookies and left them on the kitchen counter to see when they got home from school. And I felt good knowing that they would enjoy the experience and make memories (my sister is big on that and would definitely take them)... and that they would enjoy the surprise of it all while munching on homemade cookies.

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Shawna Gutierrez
Shawna Gutierrez (14)
Hi - I just joined the community. Please connect or follow me!
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