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Tara Diwns
Tara Diwns (100)
Today, I decided after waking up in a horrible mood, that it would be the day that I started my 29 days. A little about me. I was diagnosed with MS 8 years ago and have worked my way through the depression, the horrible feelings, the loneliness, and the isolation that came with diagnosis. I've done a pretty good job of digging myself out of the hole I was in for 2 years after my diagnosis. I've gone from being a child to a grown up in those 8 years. I have built my own business and become healthier than I have ever been. However, lately, I've gotten myself so far down that I started to worry about my health. Those with MS know that stress of any kind can trigger a relapse. I just opened my own restaurant and changed my life 180 degrees from what it has been in the last 11 years. To say I'm living in stress is an understatement. It has been so hard the last few months living in a life where I'm not on autopilot anymore and I'm also feeling more than I have in years. So today, after waking up in a horrible mood again (5 days running) I decided it was time to try the 29 gifts. I've always been a believer in what you put into the universe comes back to you and lately, I've been so down that I'm almost wondering if i have jeopardized great things in my life due to my negativity. One thing I've noticed about my MS is that sometimes, my brain won't work fast enough to get me out of a train of thought. so sometimes, a bad thought process can last a few days. But today, I decided to stop my negative thinking. I decided it was time to change what I was putting out there. I think the 29 gifts and The Secret (Rhonda Byrne) work hand in hand. I listened to a podcast today that made me decide to start the 29 gifts. The premise was that The Secret (putting what you want out into the universe creates what you desire) only works if you do 4 things.It works like this:
1. You think about what you want and put it into the universe
2. Ask yourself how you can get what you want.
3. Take action that benefits someone else.
4. Pay the price upfront for what you want.
This made me stop and think about how my thoughts and mood were creating my reality. So I decided to change. The main thing I've been struggling with lately is that I am fairly certain I've met the man of my dreams...however, he isn't emotionally ready for me. This has been a struggle for me for months. To feel something in your gut like you've never felt before but then to not be getting what you want from him back right now is heartbreaking. However, my first gift for today was for this man. I decided I want him, so I had to do something to benefit him. While I realize this is a small gift for him, I immediately sent him a message that told him how amazing I think he is. I know what a gift this is because if I received this message, my whole day would be lifted. If I'm truly trying to benefit others, than this is a small gesture that I can give. I will tell you, its amazing the response I had from him. It was 180 degrees different than the last few days I've been talking to him. I saw, in one day, how the 29 gifts will change my life. This first day, has been amazing. When I change my thinking, and focus on giving, more comes to me and it makes me so excited for the next 28 days! I don't know what my gift will be tomorrow (I think we are presented with the moments to give and have to recognize them) but I'm excited to see how my life transforms in the next 29 days!!
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Tara Diwns
Tara Diwns (100)
Hi - I just joined the community. Please connect or follow me!
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