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Mary Acton ( Full Profile | )

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Hi Everyone I read the 29Gifts book and I am on Day 7 of giving gifts. I decided to hunt down the website and join to see what everyone else is doing. Mary


Mary Acton
Mary Acton (110)
How do you know that prayer and positive thoughts work miracles?
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Melanie Peters
Melanie Peters (144)
I think the key to understanding miracles and how they work is not in the size of the miraculous occurrence but in the value we place on the change that has been brought about. While miracles can't be measured in size or profundity, the ability to see good happening is only as strong as the faith we put into believing good can happen. Terrific question. This is just what I believe. I hope you find the answer that fills your heart.
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Mary Acton
Mary Acton (110)
Hi - I just joined the community. Please connect or follow me!
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Melanie Peters
Melanie Peters (144)
Hello Mary, welcome! I hope these first 7 days have made a positive impact on your life. I look forward to reading about your giving journey.
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