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I have so much to be grateful for, yet most days I only focus on what's not going wrong in my personal and professional life. I'm hoping that by surrounding myself with people intent on giving of their gifts to others, I will learn to do the same and finally feel the love and peace I know is out there for us all.


Allison Shepherd
Allison Shepherd (2)
I'm finding this 29gifts experience a bit overwhelming to start, mostly because I always see gifts as physical things that are given. I'm trying to remember that gifts come in many forms. Today, I tried to simply be incredibly kind to my cashier at the grocery store. Usually, I find myself in such a rush that I don't even make eye contact with him/her, mumble my hello's and well wishes, and then rush out the door. It was amazing how much better an experience it was to actually just take the time to engage with her. I really feel like it made a difference for her, as well, and I left the store in much higher spirits than usual. I need to make mental note of this and continue to be cordial and authentic on a regular basis.
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Melanie Peters
Melanie Peters (144)
Allison, you are spot on with your kindness. Attention and acknowledgement are wonderful gifts. Keep giving. The physical gifts are nice but the kindness we give to others can last a great deal longer. :)
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Lois Downy
Lois Downy (4)
Well done! I'm working on the same thing. I'm finding that I don't feel a gift "counts" unless it is a thing, but I am beginning to see that these gifts of kindness are perhaps the most important.
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Allison Shepherd
Allison Shepherd (2)
Hi - I just joined the community. Please connect or follow me!
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