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Raj Fernandes ( Full Profile | )
Let's spread our loving radiance
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Hello All, I was drawn to the 29 Gifts story which led me to this site. Ti happy to meet you all and hopefully I can connect to more lovely souls here. You can say I am a restless ideas man and I can spend my fertile hours writing. Yes writing, just about anything including poetry, marketing literature, things about widening my circle of compassion etc etc. And yes you guessed right -- I reach out to charitable organisation because they give me the channels to reach out and touch souls.


Raj Fernandes
Raj Fernandes (0)
So happy to be part of this family. I believe that in these tumultous times if we individually can reach out to just one person, just one, everyday we have enriched this world.

Our love (and little gifts) can then ripple across communities and the world. Hey, you have inspired me.

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Raj Fernandes
Raj Fernandes (0)
Hi - I just joined the community. Please connect or follow me!
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