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I have been a part of the 29 day giving community for a long time. I am excited that the community is back up and running


Stacey Shotko
Stacey Shotko (110)
Day 1: starting over: I have been a member of the 29 day give for a long time, but have not been giving purposefully in a while. I am starting anew. yesterday i introduce a good friend of mine to the concept. she has been struggling with some things and it reminded me of how this process helped me. so my give was to her with this. A new beginning for us both to travel on together! She was so happy when i gave her some smile cards and a notebook to journal about her giving she hugged me and we both got teary eyed. I hope that this will help her as much as it has helped me.
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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson (234)
Welcome back to a member of the original community! A great start to a new giving adventure, Stacey. I'm starting again today, as well. It's great to be back!
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Patricia Barnett
Patricia Barnett (106)
Hi, that was a beautiful thing to do. (((HUG)))
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