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A southern girl living life day by day
Christian, Mom, Runner, Adventurer, Travler, Phi Mu, Marathon Maniac, Half Fanatic, Food Taster, Aunt, Sister, Daughter, Friend, Giver, Widow, Life is short. I believe you should make the most out of every day. I have my pitty party days. My daughter had some wise words to share. She asked me why I was worried about things I couldnt controll that i should live in the moment and be happy where I was b/c I was not guarenteed to be here tomorrow. I was missing out on the joys of life worrying about the future.


Leigh Marsh
Leigh Marsh (314)
I'm still reading the book and plan to start my 29 days of gift giving on May 1sr. I should be finished with the book by then and May is my birthday month and mothers day so it's one of my favorite months. What better way to celebrate than to give to others. I'm excited about this.
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Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson (234)
Welcome, Leigh! I love that you shared in your profile the wise words your daughter told you - live in the moment. Thanks for sharing.
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Leigh Marsh
Leigh Marsh (314)
Hi - I just joined the community. Please connect or follow me!
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