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Hello there! My name is Sandy and I'm currently writing a book about gratitude and the ways in which is affects our lives. I'm looking for support, as well as, stories from others to assist me in my book.


Sandy Beaudoin
Sandy Beaudoin (26)
Hi Cami! I've been meaning to write on your blog. You were asking for stories and I have one for you. It's how I received your book. I first heard about your book from a third grade teacher at my son's school. He explained the book so beautifully but couldn't quite remember the name, just a word or so from the title. I thought about the book for a couple months from time to time. I finally did some researching and was pretty sure your book was the one he was referring to, so I emailed him the book title and description. He said YES that was it. To be honest, I didn't think about the book again from that point but was interested in it at the time and thought I should read it one day. About two years later a friend said she had some old cookbooks for me and wanted to know if I'd like them. "Of course" I said yes. She said "I also have another book that I think you'd like. It's sort of inspirational but you have to make me a promise if I give it to you." I asked what the promise was. She said "you have to write your name inside the front cover and pass it along to someone else and they have to promise you the same thing." I agreed and she said she'd come by in the next few days to drop off the books. I was busy with the kids at that time in my life and going about daily things and didn't think much about the books or when she'd be by with them. Several days later, I came home and opened up my screen door to find three cook books and the book my friend, Kim, had said would be good for me. I picked up this small, brightly colored booked and read the title. I was stopped in my tracks! That was THE book! "Holy cow", was all I good think. "The book found ME!" I told people. I quickly got to reading and was amazed. The 29 days of giving was inspiring and fun. The most fun gift was putting a $5 bill under a couple frozen dinners at my local market. I wish I could have been there when the recipient found it. But the first two gifts I gave were copies of 29 Gifts. One to the teacher who told me about the book and one to a woman I was speaking to about the book who also thought it was interesting sounding. When I was done reading your book, I wrote my name inside, just as I was instructed, and gave it to my friend, Janice who solemnly promised to do the same. Even after my 29 days was over the giving kept happening. Once I had donated baby chicks through a well-known charity organization. My oldest son, who was 8 at the time, thought it was so amazing that a person could donate animals! So he said HE wanted to do it too. So we got some literature from the organization and a poster, set up a table at our local market and got some family members to contribute, too. We raised about $250 to help those in need. I love that my sons understand the value of giving to others. This book opened me up and that sense of giving rolled into my boys. Thank you Cami for inspiring me with your book. God Bless :)
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Cami Walker
Cami Walker (354)
can you please also email this to -- my co-writer AngelStork manages the submissions. We have a few good ones.
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Sandy Beaudoin
Sandy Beaudoin (26)
Hi - I just joined the community. Please connect or follow me!
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Amanda Goodwin
Amanda Goodwin (232)
Hi Sandy - nice to e-meet you - welcome! Let me know if you have any questions about the site. Happy Giving.
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Sandy Beaudoin
Sandy Beaudoin (26)
Hi Amanda! It's so nice to meet you. I'm writing a book based on gratitude. I did the 29 day gift challenge years ago and it was SO rewarding. I see you're writing based on peoples' experiences with the challenge. Have you gotten any stories?
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