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Rachel Kenyon ( Full Profile | )
Mom, writer, bookkeeper. Completely in love with my family, my friends and the energy I get from community
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I am a mom of two (one 26 and one 10). I have made my living as a bookkeeper and love my clients. Last year I started three writing projects and hope to make a solid connection and be published someday! I believe 100% that we share energy and I hope that what I send out is needed and helpful!


Rachel Kenyon
Rachel Kenyon (10)
Yesterday was day 29 of my 29 days of giving. The single page calendar I printed is now full of entries siting the gifts I have given. Reflecting on the entries I realize that it is very likely I would not have given any of them if I had not committed to 29 days of giving. I can't decide if the best gifts were the items or actions that I thought of ahead and planned, or the opportunities that found me during the day. I do know that I have loved spending energy considering what to give and looking for giving inspirations. I do know that I will continue to think and act in a giving way.
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Gloria  Hass
Gloria Hass (40)
The best gift was your determination to give for 29 days.
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Gloria  Hass
Gloria Hass (40)
The best gift was your determination to give for 29 days.
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Rachel Kenyon
Rachel Kenyon (10)
Gratitude starts today.
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