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Hi, I'm Jamie & I've spent the past 5 years feeling trapped in a dysfunctional relationship with someone who was supposed to be my best friend, roommate, & business partner. Instead that person used me as their only source of financial & emotional support while they drank away jobs & relationships. The short story is that I've finally managed to change my living arrangements. Now I'm trying to live a more positive, fulfilling life doing what I love & surrounding myself with positive, caring people.


Jamie Mehess
Jamie Mehess (2)
Hello Everyone!

I have been in a terrible situation for several years now and finally reached out to a few friends for help. They were instrumental in making me realize that I can't fix all my problems alone and I can't get out of my situation without the help of others. This was a difficult sell for me as I generally keep my problems to myself. Asking for help was always a sign of failure - a weakness to be avoided. Now I know better. With the help of several friends, I am well on my way to digging myself out of the dysfunctional, hurtful situation I've been in. One of my friends even suggested I create a crowdfunding campaign to help with the financial side of my issue. Rather than rehash it again, I will just leave the link for anyone interested in hearing my backstory.

The real reason I am here is because I have been the recipient of some really amazing gifts in the last month. I have been doing a lot of self-help reading lately and 29 Gifts was mentioned in another book I was reading. The idea of a month of giving seemed like an amazing way for me to give back for all that's been given to me lately.

So, I signed up last week with the intention of starting my month of giving. I was doing great the first 2 days and was feeling great!! Totally gung ho on the whole experience. Then on day 3 I got hit with a major problem in my life to deal with and lost focus on everything else. Again, with the help AND gift from an amazing friend my problem has been (at least temporarily) solved and I'm back. Back with a vengeance and committed to my 29 days of giving! Nothing is going to stand in my way this time. Today is Day 2 for me. Yesterday I donated to a friend who is doing the AIDSRide bicycle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles in June. She has been training for this ride for months and deserves all the support she can get! Today I brought little Easter "egg" planters and candy to the 5 ladies who work in my department. I left the gifts on their desks before they arrived this morning. It was so much fun to hear their gigges and oohs when they found them. It absolutely made my day.

I'm not sure what my gift will be tomorrow, but I can't wait to give it!!

Happy Giving to All!!
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Hi, my name is Jamie and I find myself in a position where I need to ask for help. I have very recently made my way out of a dysfunctional living arrangement into my own apartment. Unfortunately, I still have another major problem to deal with. I am in urgent need of a dependable used car to get...
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Jamie Mehess
Jamie Mehess (2)
Hi - I just joined the community. Please connect or follow me!
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