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Hey there! My name is Katy McCoy. I am embarking on my 29 Gifts journey after closing the doors to my marketing company in 2018. I'm looking forward to new experiences, meeting new people, and most importantly building a life of giving based on a foundation of love.


Katherine McCoy
Katherine McCoy (0)
Hello again! Katy here back with DAY FOUR, GIFT FOUR. Today's gift is my favorite thus far. It wasn't pre-planned - it was unexpected and raw - which is, in my opinion, the very best kind of giving.

There is a sweet coffee shop in Bermuda called Rock Island, and I've been enjoying London Fogs there long before I actually moved to the island. Now that I live on island, Rock Island has become a bit of a sanctuary for me. It's always bright and full of life, the coffee is wonderfully, carefully made and the ocean view is divine. After many visits I finally had the great fortune of meeting Lisabet, the owner of the shop, who is just as full of life and positive energy as the coffeeshop she's created.

I knew that at some point during my gifting journey I'd be gifting the book, 29 Gifts, to someone - I just didn't know who. I've thought about various prospects and finally I told myself that when the time was right I would just know, and vowed to carry the book with me in anticipation of 'the time'.

No drumroll required, the time was today. Lisabet was in the small room directly behind the shop, diligently working on preparing the beans for the day ahead. I found myself empathizing with the work she was doing, understanding the feeling of doing jobs that we don't necessarily love in pursuit of our larger entrepreneurial dreams. Seeing Lisabet putting WORK in her shop, nearly 21 years after she started, sparked something in me. What I realized is that I genuinely appreciate her for the commitment, diligence, and love that she's put into Rock Island. Although it's just another coffeeshop to some, to me it is routine. It's my favorite place to read a new book, a place where I've formed dear friendships, and a place where I've made massive shifts in my mindset and in my heart.

Giving the book to Lisabet was a small gesture in showing my appreciation for her and for the incredible environment she's created, but to be honest I had a bit of trouble giving the book up prior to actually doing so. I tend to hang on to 'my copies' of books, and I will often buy an additional copy to give to someone before ever giving up my own. For 29 Gifts, however, I knew I couldn't do this. I've learned the lessons and am incorporating the practice into my life, therefore it is my duty to pass it on so that someone else can have the opportunity to do the same.

After I finally mustered up the courage to initiate the exchange, I learned that Lisabet is only just beginning her journey of meditation and gratitude. Does hearing that not make you burst with gratitude for the Universe and it's divine timing? It sure does for me. I am so, so grateful that Lisabet now has this tool to hopefully guide her deeper through her own journey. My hope is that when she does have time to read the book, that it will give her as much as it's given to me, and she too will find someone she appreciates to pass it along to.

Lots of love,
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Katherine McCoy
Katherine McCoy (0)
Katy again, back with DAY THREE, GIFT THREE. Today I sent a small gift to my mom, just because. She really does deserve to be reminded how much she is appreciated and loved. Her whole life, even after retirement, has revolved around putting others first and I honestly can't remember a time when she's ever broken from that pattern.

She is such a strong, kind, charismatic woman. As I grow older, I'm realizing how I'm actually quite similar to her. The gifts she's given to me are vast, and it's my hope that over the next few years I'll be able to give even a quarter as much back in return.

As I said yesterday, we can all make the choice to give freely and abundantly, out of love. My mother is someone who embraces that choice daily, time and time again, for so many people. She is a true vision of love, and I am eternally grateful to know and love her.

With love,
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Katherine McCoy
Katherine McCoy (0)
Hey there! Katy here back again with DAY TWO, GIFT TWO. Today I sent a small gift to a sweet friend of mine, Brooke. She gave me a piece of advice recently that challenged my current direction and encouraged me to step onto a new path.

Her small gesture had big impacts on my business and in my life. I will be forever grateful for friends who are willing to be the voice of reason, and to give you a kick in the ass when you need it.

Isn't it wonderful that there are people in the world like my friend, Brooke? Who are willing to give advice freely, with no motivation other than to help you be your best self? We can all make the choice to give freely and abundantly, out of love. And what a wonderful opportunity that is.

Katy Grace
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Katherine McCoy
Katherine McCoy (0)
Hi there! My name is Katy McCoy and I hope that I am writing this in the correct area. I'm documenting DAY ONE, GIFT ONE of my 29 Gifts journey on this forum to keep myself accountable and to share my story.

Cami, I read your book in a single afternoon at a coffee shop. Not only was it inspiring, it truly lifted my spirit and encouraged me to take the reins of my own life. I've been anxiously awaiting April 1st to begin my challenge, and now that it's finally here I feel overwhelmed with the amount of gifts I want to give.

My day hasn't gone exactly according to plan. I made a life-changing decision to invest in myself. In 90 days, I will be a certified success coach with licensing in Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Time and Emotional Healing techniques. Today, I chose myself as the recipient of my gift. I'm choosing to believe in myself, trust that if I take action it will be rewarded, and allow myself to enjoy this journey without overwhelming fear regarding money, what ifs, or should haves.

I'm feeling very, very good about today and I'm thankful that I chose myself today. I know the importance of pouring into myself before pouring over onto others, so although I hadn't planned to be the recipient of my gift today, I'm grateful and pleased with my choice. May tomorrow be a new day full of possibility with DAY TWO, GIFT TWO.

Katy Grace
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Katherine McCoy
Katherine McCoy (0)
Hi - I just joined the community. Please connect or follow me!
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